BOUTET , Expert Manufacturer of Industrial Handles since 1925

Credibility forged at the heart of the industry

Since its creation in 1925, BOUTET has built its reputation on a single commitment: to create exceptional products that stand up to the highest standards.

With a lifetime guarantee on the craftsmanship of its industrial handles, renowned consulting firms in high value-added sectors, such as aeronautics, aerospace, railway, medical equipment, robotics and electronics, have come to trust BOUTET.

The brand DNA is closely linked to that of high-tech industries, constantly driven by the duty to innovate. An undeniable pioneer in the niche industrial handle manufacturing market, BOUTET’s longevity is a clear sign of its credibility.


An independent company with family values

Since the beginning, BOUTET tirelessly innovated and became the world’s very first inventor of the industrial plastic handle with a molded insert. Its uncompromising passion for quality, constant desire to produce sustainable products, and its contributing role in French industry, tells the story of an independent company, with a strong commitment to truly human values.


A strategic vision driven by innovation

In 2005, BOUTET made the strategic choice to build an industrial partnership with a highly technical Asian manufacturer — changing the destiny of the family business.

Today, BOUTET heads up its commercial activity in its original offices in Saint-Ouen, at the gates of Paris, while R & D and production activities have been transferred to its partner in China’s Canton region.

BOUTET’s strength stems from its team of 185 R&D engineers who eagerly and passionately work on the brand’s highly complex projects. Through their dedication, the company addresses the immediate and new demands of its customers by providing them with outstanding products.

As the first highly-specialized manufacturer of industrial handles, BOUTET is part of an agile production scheme. And as the industrial world rapidly evolves, BOUTET innovates and adapts at every turn.


Efficiency at the service of competitiveness

Competitiveness, efficiency and agility are BOUTET’s three guiding values. By choosing to base its development on successful R & D, BOUTET promises clients the highest quality product on the market.

The brand provides quotes and order confirmations in a simple and fluid way through its website — a truly efficient process that meets the needs of a demanding, ever-changing market.


Industry leading firsts for extraordinary needs

After more than 10 years of intense R&D investment, BOUTET is seeing the fruits of its labor. In 2015, BOUTET invented and released eight consecutive product launches including a magnesium handle for a helicopter manufacturer, two silicone and aluminum core handles for a food processing equipment manufacturer and a nano-handle weighing less than one gram for a leader in the space industry.


A highly specialized manufacturer overcoming challenges

"At BOUTET, we love defying the odds and exceeding the expectations of our industrial customers!” says Jean-Michel Stetten, leader of the nearly century-old family business.

The company draws upon its expertise and the credibility it has acquired over the years, as it increasingly focuses on producing custom parts for clients with specific needs. Machines operating in the harsh conditions in the Arctic, for example, require more than standard parts. In the face of constant challenges, manufacturers can rely on BOUTET products to help them achieve their goals.


Boutet handles are guaranteed for life

For nearly a century, BOUTET has reinvented itself based on two fundamental values: durability and agility. And today, one thing remains unchanged: the manufacturing quality of BOUTET's industrial handles and clamping components.

As manufacturers deal with constant challenges, they have come to depend on the reliability of BOUTET. With its unwavering commitment to passionate innovation and unexpected product launches, BOUTET looks ahead to a new century of creation, manufacturing and of course, innovation.